School Meeting Tips & Suggestions

  • Ask for specific details about the meeting protocol before attending the meeting (teachers/administrators present, time
    frame, specific items that will be discussed, etc.)
  • If age appropriate, request that your child is at the meeting
  • Bring materials like a student (pen, pencil, folder, etc.)
  • Write down everyone’s name title and contact information for all representatives from the school
  • Ask clarifying questions (do not be afraid to ask if you do not understand something)
  • Prepare specific questions ahead of time
  • Ask for copies of the materials distributed
  • Feel free to audio tape the meeting for future clarification or to share the information with someone who cannot attend the
    meeting (advocate, psychologist, etc.)
  • Do not be afraid to stand up for your child’s rights

Some of these may seem like common sense, but take these suggestions as helpful reminders. Remember, it is your child’s
future so take these meetings seriously and be prepared to stand up for your child’s rights.


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