Back to School Tips


  • Talk to your children before the first day of school. This can alleviate unrealistic fears, expectations and anxiety your child
    may be experiencing.
  • Contact your local school and make sure your child is properly registered.
  • Make sure the school has the most up-to-date health forms and emergency contacts.
  • Set aside money for books and supplies new classes may require.
  • Promote a love of learning. For example, take your children to the library and help them pick some fun books to read. If they
    see you enjoying it, chances are they’ll follow your lead.
  • Start easing your children into a back-to-school routine. Wake them up and put them to bed a litter earlier each day.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher on a regular basis and set aside time each day to talk to your children about school. Taking an
    active role helps foster relationships and may also alert you to signs of problems.

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