Jonathan has been an encouraging and supportive coach for our middle school student. He’s not only a very knowledgeable individual, taking the time to know our school’s curriculum and unique characteristics; he has also been an invaluable link between our child, the teachers and us as parents. Jonathan has earned our teen’s trust. That
speaks for itself tenfold!!!

-Patti F. (Northern Suburb, Illinois)

Working with Carroll Educational Group and Jonathan D. Carroll specifically has made all the difference in the life of my teenage son. Through Jonathan’s hands-on efforts, he motivated my son to do his best and taught him some key organizational techniques that were severely lacking in his study habits.

Most important was Jonathan’s ability to communicate a personal interest in my son’s progress and achievement, which made all the difference in his response and current success.

-Robyn Z. (Southern Suburb, Illinois)

I know most professionals don’t get enough recognition when for making young peoples’ lives so much better in so many ways. A caring person like you makes a wonderfully positive impact, and I am happy that my nephew will benefit from your positive role modeling.

-Patricia M. (Western Suburb, Illinois)

I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for your concern and care for my son. From the beginning, I have known you are someone special in my son’s life. Every time he would be in contact with you, he always mentioned your name with a smile. I knew that you were his support and friend, and for that I am very grateful. I know how lucky
our whole family is that you are a part of my son’s life. Not everyone would have picked up on his anguish or taken the extra steps you did. I just need to say that the families are so very fortunate to have someone as compassionate and caring as you are in our life’s. Thank you does not seem to say enough.

-Betty A. (Western Suburb, Illinois)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your obvious interest in getting to know our son. Whether he knows it or not, I know you are his “guardian angel” in helping him academically and socially. He specifically asked for you in the future and I know will benefit from your help. Speaking for both my husband and myself, we truly appreciate all you do.

-Deb B. (Western Suburb, Illinois)



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